Technology is always evolving. It is continuing to make running your business more efficient; when it works properly. We understand the foundation of most small and medium-sized businesses is a solid, dependable IT infrastructure but the budget for these businesses can not always justify the expense involved in employing full-time Support Professionals. This where we come in... IT-This can provide your business with a solid IT support with the experience and skills to keep your foundation strong and your business running smoothly. We are ready to respond at a moment's notice and at a rate you can afford -because your technology is great, when it works.


Everyone wants to ensure the information trusted to be shared over the internet is protected. In order to share freely and securely, IT-This will provide your business with uncomplicated solutions to safeguard your information, your network and enhance the performance of the machines you trust. Our Network Security Engineers are dedicated to continuously improving and maintaining security by providing custom security plans to fit your business's specific needs. Your business can benefit from our expertise with secure VPN, protection against harmful, time consuming viruses, threatening unauthorized invasions, irritating spam, filtering of inappropriate web content and beyond. By allowing us to place the proper tools, you will experience the priceless feeling of searching, sending, and saving without apprehension.


Would you know what to do if everyone you employ couldn't exchange email? Hw wuld yur business be affected if suddenly the "o" buttn n yur laptp stpped wrking? Our Engineers, while partnering with the best manufacturers in the industry, specialize in the maintenance of the hardware you use everyday. Computers, Servers, Printers, Mobile devices, etc, we know them all. We can fix them all. We strive to provide efficient, thorough solutions so you and your business can stay up and running without the headaches of faulty, unreliable hardware.


One of the newest and most efficient upgrades we can provide is Server Virtualization. Eliminate excess hardware and everything that comes with it, i.e. maintenance, storage, and support costs and streamline your system to enhance overall performance. Wait... cut costs AND improve performance? While this sounds too good to be true, it is not and we can get you started today. Have you contacted us yet? We are excited to start planning your project! Send us an email!


Backups are essential in any business, they protect against pertinent information being lost. Basic backups used to be sufficient but while areas of technology are continuing to evolve, these minimal solutions may not be thorough enough for your business's protection. We provide backup solutions that will keep all your information safe and provide minimal downtime in the event of a disaster. No one wants to finish a presentation, email, or report and lose everything at the last minute; you can prevent this from happening to you by looking into our solutions today. Things you should know about your backups!


We offer exchange email, phone PBX and web hosting with the top providers in their data centers. Our cloud-based solutions will alleviate the overhead cost associated with purchasing and maintaining in-house solutions and allow you to focus on core-business, reducing the need to operate and maintain onsite servers to facilitate optimum performance. Whether you require 2 or 100,000 desktop users, they can all be seamlessly maintained by the administrator from an easy to use web interface from anywhere at anytime. This solution puts you in control of who has access to all your business's information from anywhere, just another way we are making the internet and network, more secure while working for you.


We've covered some of the basic solutions we can provide for your business; while there are other firms who could supply similar solutions, none of them can compare to our way of thinking. Solving problems with creative thinking, partnering with new resources, and developing custom blueprints for your business's success, is not only what we are about, it is what makes us the right choice for your needs. Bring us a problem; dare us to solve it and fall in love with our services.